About Us

Sparkle City Gymnastics was established in 2016 when owners Chandra & Raven Magwood acquired Kozeev’s World of Gymnastics from Anatoly Kozeev (former Head Coach of the Junior National and Olympic Teams of the Soviet Union). Both Chandra and Raven have extensive experience in the gymnastics realm. Chandra is a NAWGJ-certified gymnastics judge and mother to Raven, a former national gymnastics champion and motivational speaker. Raven received her training as an optional-level coach under the guidance of Anatoly Kozeev.

In early 2016, Anatoly personally expressed his fondness for Raven as a gymnastics coach, asking her to continue his legacy and take over his already-successful gymnastics facility – Kozeev’s World of Gymnastics.  At that moment, Sparkle City Gymnastics was born. Raven and Chandra began to put in place initiatives that will take an already-established gymnastics business to even greater heights. Showing his ultimate approval, Anatoly expressed his desire to stay at Sparkle City Gymnastics as coach of the optional gymnastics team.

With a top-notch, safety-certified coaching staff on hand, the mission of the Sparkle City Gymnastics program is simple: Creating Champions in Gymnastics and in Life!

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