Our 45-minute Parent/Tot classes and 3-4 year old classes are $76/month. Our 1-hour 4-5 year old, 6-8 year old, and 8-12 year old classes are $86/month.
Yes, there is a $35 registration fee that is charged per academic year. The fee pays for gym registration and an accidental/liability insurance policy that is carried for each child and renewed each year.
Nope! We operate on a continuous enrollment process, which means our classes are month-to-month. Your child will stay enrolled in his/her class indefinitely, until you request to drop. We simply require a 2-week drop notice to prevent being charged for the following month.
We currently do not offer after school transportation to the gym. However, our parents are very generous about carpooling from the local elementary, middle, and high schools. Contact us if you need help identifying a carpool!
If your child wants to take a break from gymnastics, please give us a 14-day notice so that we can drop the class from your account without any additional charges to you. Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee your spot in the class upon your return. We do have many classes with waitlists. Some parents choose to continue paying tuition to make sure their spot in the class is guaranteed if their child is only wanting to take a break for a month or two.
In the fall of 2019, we will be starting a class for homeschooled children. The class will be on Tuesdays at 10am for children ages 4-7. As our homeschool program expands, we will offer additional classes!
Yes, we have summer camps. Please click here for our upcoming camp dates and times.
Our Parent/Tot and 3-4 year old classes last 45 minutes. Our 4-5 year old, 6-8 year old, and 8-12 year old classes last a full hour.
We ask that all of our female gymnasts wear leotards. Our male gymnasts may wear athletic shorts and T-shirts. If your child does not have access to a leotard prior to their first class, they may wear form-fitting athletic clothing. We ask that your child does not wear any jewelry for safety. Please keep in mind that the children will be flipping around and hanging upside down!
Yes! Our recreational classes are designed for beginner gymnasts. If your gymnast gets into the class and is more advanced, she will be recommended to a more challenging class, or even our competitive team!
We do have auto-draft. You must call or email us to give us permission to run the card on file. This allows our customers to pay using their method of choice before the due date. The only time we automatically draft using the card on file is if your account balance is not paid by the 3rd of the month. At that time, the card on file will be charged plus a $25 late fee.
Yes! All you have to do is call 864-587-8255 to let us know you want to pay tuition. You can also send us an email giving us permission to charge the card on file!
We base our tuition on a 4-week month. There will be times that a month has 5 weeks in it. We will not charge you more. There will also be times that a month has 3 weeks in it. We will not prorate these months or offer refunds. Tuition rates already take into account school/gym holidays.
We generally allow for one make-up class per month. However, we will accommodate you the best we can if your child must miss more than one class in a month due to illness or personal reasons.
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